how to play electric guitar

How To Play Electric Guitar

The past few decades have displayed a complete evolution of rock and roll music. From something that started out so hardcore, it’s amazing how it grew and branched out into several variations. Eventually, the rock we know today is more low-key and alternative. While its changes cannot be denied, there are still several things that […]

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how to play acoustic guitar

How To Play Acoustic Guitar

Playing guitar has the amazing ability to mesmerize and unite people. I say this because I always observe how people react when watching someone perform – there are sparkles in their eyes, uncontrollable tapping of the feet, and an ever-so-slight mouthing of the lyrics. This effect is a big reason why people learn this skill […]

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how to tune your guitar

How To Tune Your Guitar?

Have you ever experienced jamming with friends and singing your lungs out only to realize the pitches are completely off-key? Guitars are intended to help set the tone and melody of a song; if they’re not adjusted properly, it can seriously take the wind out of your sails! Whether it is due to wear-and-tear, loose pegs, […]

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how to clean an electric guitar

How To Clean An Electric Guitar

I know of many musicians who consider their guitars as their most prized possession. Many of them are willing to go to extreme lengths to ensure their cleanliness and proper maintenance. Easily, they could spend hundreds of dollars just for this purpose. But, truthfully, not all consumers are willing to pay $500 for a wax job […]

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best way to learn how to play a guitar

Best Way To Learn How To Play A Guitar

Playing guitar is considered one of the coolest things in the world. I mean, who doesn’t get blown away by watching Jimmy Hendrix and Eric Clapton play, and listening to them turn complicated finger movements into catchy melodies. They’re able to mesmerize people, captivate them, and, on most occasions, leave them in awe.You can check […]

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how to hold a guitar

How To Hold A Guitar?

Last Friday night, I went out to watch this new semi-pro rock band perform. The whole set was really good until I noticed a few glitches in the melody of their final song. I knew I wasn’t the only one who realized this because my friend looked at me and gave me a weird look. […]

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